National Aeronautics & Space Administration EPSCoR Program

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OBJECTIVE: Support funding for NASA EPSCoR in the FY2018 Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Bill and oppose the elimination of programs within the NASA Education Office


  • NASA EPSCoR is a program designed to allow more states to participate in space and aeronautics research.  Despite the fact that taxpayers from all 50 states and territories should benefit from a share of Federal R&D funding, outlays from Washington tend to be concentrated in a few states. Half of the states plus two territories receive less than 10 percent of all Federal R&D funding.  EPSCoR addresses this imbalance and fosters high-tech growth in all states and territories.  
  • NASA EPSCoR has two components:  
    1. Research Infrastructure Development (RID) awards provide up to $125,000 in core funding to the participating states to improve research capacity; and,
    2. Research Implementation Awards (Implementation) competitively provide up to $750,000 over a 3-year period for research projects.  This amount is cost-shared by the recipient’s home institution.  


  • NASA EPSCoR allows more states to participate in NASA’s research enterprise, creates a broader base of research expertise available to the agency to meet its mission, and expands the workforce of educated and trained STEM students capable of meeting global challenges.
  • NASA EPSCoR acts as an incubator for innovation in a state.  Through increased research capacity, the program provides opportunities for high-tech economic growth in the local communities and helps educate high-skilled workers for those industries.   
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