National Aeronautics & Space Administration EPSCoR Program

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OBJECTIVE: Support funding for NASA EPSCoR in the FY2018 Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Bill and oppose the elimination of programs within the NASA Education Office


  • NASA EPSCoR is a program designed to allow more states to participate in space and aeronautics research.  Despite the fact that taxpayers from all 50 states and territories should benefit from a share of Federal R&D funding, outlays from Washington tend to be concentrated in a few states. Half of the states plus two territories receive less than 10 percent of all Federal R&D funding.  EPSCoR addresses this imbalance and fosters high-tech growth in all states and territories.  
  • NASA EPSCoR has two components:  
    1. Research Infrastructure Development (RID) awards provide up to $125,000 in core funding to the participating states to improve research capacity; and,
    2. Research Implementation Awards (Implementation) competitively provide up to $750,000 over a 3-year period for research projects.  This amount is cost-shared by the recipient’s home institution.  


  • NASA EPSCoR allows more states to participate in NASA’s research enterprise, creates a broader base of research expertise available to the agency to meet its mission, and expands the workforce of educated and trained STEM students capable of meeting global challenges.
  • NASA EPSCoR acts as an incubator for innovation in a state.  Through increased research capacity, the program provides opportunities for high-tech economic growth in the local communities and helps educate high-skilled workers for those industries.   

FY2019 NASA Federal Research Highlights

  • The HAC provided $21.5 billion for NASA, an increase of more than $809 million over FY2018 while the SAC approved $21.3 billion. The HAC notes that additional investment is needed to maintain American leadership in space exploration and science.
  • Once  again,  the  HAC  and  SAC  rejected  the  Trump  Administration’s  request  to  eliminate NASA’s Education Office. The HAC approved $90 million for FY2019 while the SAC provided $110  million,  $10  million  more  than  the  current  fiscal  year.  The  HAC  and  SAC  note  that  it expects  NASA  to  continue  implementing  the  programs  within  the  Education  directorate  and ensure that overhead costs to support these programs do not exceed five percent.
  • The SAC provided a $3 million funding increase for the NASA EPSCoR program for a total of $21 million. This is the first significant increase to the NASA EPSCoR program in a number of years.  Thank  you  all  for  your  hard  work  and  advocacy!  Congress  also  included  language specifying  that  NASA  should  continue  implementing  the  EPSCoR  program  and  ensure  that overhead costs do not exceed five percent.
  • The  National  Space  Grant  College  and  Fellowship  Program  would  be  funded  by  the  SAC  at $44 million while the HAC approved $40 million
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